We’re the small agency that gets big results

In 2003, SEO Rocket started like so many other ambitious endeavors – in a spare room. At this time, Darren was already a reputable SEO expert heading up the SEO/PPC department he created for a prominent web developer. Angela was a coordinator working in traditional marketing agencies. Both of them exhibited the entrepreneurial spirit and talents required to build an agency.

They recognized that many businesses were investing heavily in building websites yet were frustrated that they couldn’t turn to their web developers or marketing agencies for help in promoting those sites. People with the SEO/PPC knowledge and experience to help these businesses were scarce. To make matters worse, these businesses were being targeted by SEO scammers.

At first SEO Rocket worked as a behind-the-scenes SEO/PPC resource. We offered our knowledge and experience to local agencies that were familiar with our work. As our industry evolved, however, we realized SEO Rocket’s model needed to adapt. To continue providing top-quality results for our clients, we would need to work directly with them as their trusted adviser. Gone were days of SEO Rocket working behind the curtain.

About SEO Rocket

We’re team players. The best outcomes are a result of having regular communication with our clients. If you’re looking for a “hands-off” agency — in other words, if you don’t want to be involved in your marketing — then we’re probably not the best fit for you. We work with clients who want to take a serious role in their own success.

Since 2008, SEO Rocket has been operating as a digital marketing agency in its own right, providing customized solutions and individualized attention to our clients. As our reputation has grown, so has our team of bright, talented people who align with our culture and values.

Here at SEO Rocket, you won’t find cookie-cutter pricing plans for our services. Our track record of client success is due to the care our experts take to assemble and implement the right plan for each client.

Your goal is our mission. When you’re ready to get big results, let’s talk!