Dewey's Bakery case study

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Dewey’s Bakery Case Study

Challenge –

The Dewey’s Bakery website was being re-platformed and scheduled for launch in July of 2021. In addition to making sure to preserve their SEO strengths with the new site, they were looking to increase their 2021 ecommerce sales.

Objectives –

Our objectives were to preserve their website’s search engine’s visibility with their new website and ensure Dewey’s would be well positioned for Q4 holiday ecommerce sales with the goal of increasing their 2021 digital marketing ecommerce sales by 20% over 2020.

Solution –

One month prior to the new website launch, SEO Rocket implemented our SEO Preservation program and prepared their Google Ads marketing campaigns so our SEO and Google Ads Management services would be in place when their new website launched.

SEO Rocket identified opportunities for improvement and rankings preservation, then worked with the Dewey’s Bakery closely on the new site, within a 5 month window we achieved an increase of 28.78% in ecommerce sales, which surpassed their digital marketing sales growth goal of 20% for 2021 over 2020. 

One of the components of our services that we feel contributes to our success is the communication we have with our clients. Our SEO Rocket team members have monthly meetings with Dewey’s Bakery to discuss our results and offer next steps and recommendations towards achieving their digital marketing goals.

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Results –


  • Ecommerce revenue from digital marketing increased by 28.78% when comparing August-December 2021 over August-December of 2020.
  • Ecommerce revenue from digital marketing increased by 29.77% for the year 2021 over 2020.
“SEO Rocket has been a wonderful partner for us. Their team is very knowledgeable and always willing to explain the principles of SEO so that we can understand and appreciate the steps they’re taking. Their expertise yielded great results for the holiday season, and helped us introduce our baked goods and spread happiness to an even larger audience. “
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Maggie Sartin
Director of Marketing at Dewey’s Bakery

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