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Angela Shoffner McAfee

Online Cocktail Party Coordinator (aka Co-founder, Director of Marketing and Business Development)
Angela McAfee

Angela began her marketing career in video and film production. She then moved on to leadership positions in marketing event coordination, media buying, and campaign creation before joining forces with Darren to create SEO Rocket.

Now she’s our voice to the outside world in addition to serving as a company founder. Angela likes wearing a lot of hats – fancy and otherwise. Handling the “business of the business” for SEO Rocket and maintaining relationships with our clients are two of her strongest passions. She’s our knowledge-hungry lifelong student with a notebook of ideas and a collection of business books. (Current addiction:

When you contact SEO Rocket, Angela will be the first person initiating a conversation with you to walk through your marketing goals and budget. It’s her mission to learn about your needs, educate you on the strategic options available, and draw up service contracts. Her goal is to be the matchmaker who connects each business with the digital marketing strategy that best fits its needs.

Her motto: “Work hard, play hard, celebrate it all.”

In her off hours, Angela can be found traveling, camping in a retro Shasta, playing with dogs, gardening, dancing, or laughing a little too loudly. Maybe working on her shoe collection… but we’re not supposed to talk about that.

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