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Darren Rogers

SEO Rocket Scientist (aka Co-founder, CEO)
Darren Rogers image

Darren is the co-founder and CEO of SEO Rocket. For more than 20 years, he’s dedicated his professional life to helping clients be more successful with their digital marketing.

SEO Rocket has served hundreds of B2B and B2C clients and agencies across the U.S. Darren’s client portfolio runs the digital marketing services gamut from local SEO for local retailers and service industry businesses with one or more locations, to large brands that require excellence in ecommerce SEO.

Away from the office, Darren is always interested in learning something new. His top interests are his eclectic taste in music, books and film. Other passions include following his favorite NFL team, the Carolina Panthers, and classic muscle cars. If you feed him great Mexican food, he’ll give you the secret formula to ranking #1 on Google.

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