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Space Pup (aka – Ruler of the House)
picture of Rocket our dog

Meet Rocket! Look at this face! Our little Rocket man came to us with a mysterious past. All we know for sure is that he suffered an unfortunate incarceration at the Grand Strand Humane Society. Something about being locked in a house… He proclaims that he was totally innocent, and we believe him.

Rocket spent 2 months in the shelter under a pseudonym before Darren and Angela found him. He quickly charmed them into complete submission, and they whisked him away into a life of total spoilage. Are three beds too many? Rocket emphatically says, “No!” He now spends his days as our SEO Rocket office mascot.

Rocket’s many duties include, but are not limited to sitting, watching the door, taking multiple naps, alerting us to UPS deliveries, and warming our feet. On behalf of all his friends who are still in the shelter, Rocket urges you to, “Adopt, don’t shop.” There are many, many wonderful pups just like him waiting to trade lots of love for equal amounts of spoilage. If you’re ever in need of some puppy love, stop by our office and give Rocket a rub. He’ll happily meet you at the door!

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