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Tom Veltri

Major Tom (aka Senior SEO, Google Analytics and WordPress Specialist)
Tom Veltri

Tom Veltri started working in the SEO field long, long ago in 1999. SEO was still in its infancy, Altavista and Yahoo were the big guns, and Google was still in beta. Tom loved it so much that he never looked back. From there, he added an extensive knowledge of Pay-Per-Click marketing and a Google Analytics Qualification to his skill set.

These days, he spends a lot of time on website auditing and SEO, often looking for ways to improve site performance as well as provide meaningful metrics to clients. Tom has used his optimization skills to promote local and national clients in all niches. E-commerce, Business to Business SEO, Business to Consumer SEO, and Local Optimization – name a vertical, and yeah, he’s been there!

Tom often draws upon his time spent in the retail business, applying knowledge gleaned from years of being the VP of a photo and electronics store chain. He can translate tech-speak into business language that clients can relate to. This insight helps him to better understand his clients’ needs and what it will take to reach their goals, enabling him to develop strategies to achieve success. Combined with his extensive SEO skill set, this expertise in strategic planning affords Tom a unique perspective that isn’t normally found in the internet marketing arena.

Before you go away thinking he’s a total web geek, we’ll let you know that Tom is quite the Renaissance man. When he’s not floating in a tin can cruising the stratosphere searching and documenting the latest algorithm shifts, you can often find him playing his Stratocaster in his blues band. He’s usually got a nice cigar and bourbon waiting in the wings.

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