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Zane Tuck

Some People Call Him The Space Cowboy… (aka – Senior Local SEO, Business Reviews and Google Analytics Specialist)
Zane Tuch

Zane joined SEO Rocket in 2014 after working in internet marketing for 3 years. During that time, Zane created a web presence for his employer’s company and integrated it with other marketing efforts to build a memorable corporate image. Through his efforts, he was able to have the company rank well for strategic keywords in the markets where they did business. Even when the company expanded, he was able to position it for great ranking, awareness, and growth.

Zane’s advice to businesses planning their web strategy is twofold. First, ask qualified experts for advice, because internet marketing is an ever-changing environment that can be confusing. Second, be patient. You don’t become number one at anything overnight, and the same goes for your website and marketing. Slow, steady progress is the way to go, and a great product and strong strategy are essential keys to success.

Watching that slow, steady progress is a key part of Zane’s role at SEO Rocket. He keeps his eyes on the skies to make sure the web planets align in an optimal way. He watches our clients’ presence on the web and makes sure to position them in the best light possible. More importantly, he keeps an eye out to make sure that no asteroids fly through and crash into anything!

Zane is also our in-house expert when it comes to reviews and customer feedback. He is a firm believer that, as a business owner, you should ask every customer for a review or feedback. If you use our RocketReviews service, he’s your main point of contact. He sets up your account and makes sure you are ready to start building up those reviews.

When he’s not keeping an eye on all of that, Zane’s spending Friday nights at the local high school football field. He has been a football official with the NCHSAA and the North State Football Officials Association since 2006. Not only does he have an eye for SEO, but he can also spot pass interference from a mile away. (You should see how far he can throw a flag!)

If you want to be sure your business keeps its shine and stays aligned in the internet heavens, then give us a call at SEO Rocket. We’ll have Zane put you on our radar right away.

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