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Adding and Embedding Reviews & Testimonials into WordPress

This post shows you how to embed RocketReviews feedbacks and testimonials into your WordPress based website using the Google-friendly “” Review format.

Quick Start Guide

-> If you are using a WordPress Page:

If you are using a “page” that uses the regular “WordPress Page Editor” you would need to use our WordPress Plugin which will generate a shortcode. Copy pasting the testimonials widget code snippet into your WP page editor directly will cause WP to strip some of the code and not execute the PHP required for the Schema markup.

The Screenshot below shows an example of a basic testimonials page. You can of course add text above and below the reviews widget code to explain and encourage customers to leave feedback and reviews.

WordPress customer reviews example

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

1) Log into your RocketReviews account

2) Click on the Business you would like to embed the testimonials for

3) In the main menu click on “Settings -> Review Widget”

RocketReviews Menu options


4) You may click on “Settings” to customize how the Review Widget will look on your site, which reviews and testimonials will appear, and other design options.  Once you’ve done that, click the blue “Back to Widget Page” button.

5) Click the blue “Get Embed Code” button to copy the embed code.

how to get embed code image

6) Download the RocketReviews WordPress Plugin. The download link can be found below the code or you can Download the Plugin Here.

7) Log into WordPress and install the Plugin under “Plugins -> Add New -> Upload”

8) Click on “Settings” after activating and installing the Plugin.

WordPress enbed code example

9) Follow the Onscreen Instructions in the plugin settings screen and paste the auto generated short code into any Page or Post.

The process for the Review Badge, which you can put in sidebars or on other pages of your site, works the same as with the Review Widget.

Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestion #1: Why do I need a Plugin? Can I not just paste the Testimonials Code Snippet into my WordPress Page Editor?

Answer #1: WordPress will strip any PHP, Javascript and advanced HTML out of the page and post editor for security reasons. This is a WordPress limitation (for your own safety of your site) and is regardless of what theme or WordPress version you are using.

Question #2: Why is the plugin not listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory ?

Answer #2: The plugin itself relies on SEO Rocket to add any function to WordPress. This makes it a “paid or sponsored” plugin and therefore ineligible to be listed on

Question #3: I don’t like Plugins.

Answer #3: No problem. Simply create a “WordPress Page Template” and you can add the widget code directly into the PHP file. Jump over to to learn about custom page templates.

RocketReviews Helps Grow Your Business

RocketReviews, our feedback-first customer review management system, makes it easy to gather and promote customer feedback. Schedule a demo to see how easy it is to build your brand and grow your business.

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