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AdWords – What Did I Just Buy?

If you don’t want to be slimed with the essence of geekiness then you should stay out of the paid search department of an SEO office. These guys and gals dive into data like holiday elves into sugar bowls. A recent SearchEngine Journal article by Jacob Baadsgaard showed the impact of not tracking your conversions and not monitoring your keywords for conversions. Here’s our interpretation for the business owner or marketing professional.

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure

We often find that new clients have no idea of how well their site or their pay-per-click advertising is working for their business. They may track conversion activites through the Google AdWords or Analytics products, but they can’t truly relate that to it’s impact on their business. This is especially true with businesses that get most of their customers from phone calls or walk-ins. People have gotten fairly good at tracking the number of forms that are filled out on a website and how that person discovered their site, but what about the person that calls your business? At SEO Rocket we’ve implemented call tracking solutions for both our paid search clients and our SEO clients to help them understand when their web efforts generate a phone call lead that becomes business.

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Once You’re Tracking New Business, What Brought Them In?

There is so much opportunity for wasting money in an AdWords campaign. We often see new clients who tried to run campaigns on their own and spent most of their money on clicks that would never pan out for their business. As Jacob says in the article, “Since AdWords is pay-per-click marketing, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to bid on keywords or search terms that don’t produce conversions.” Stated another way, if you get someone to click on your ad but they don’t do anything more, you just paid for a click, not a customer.

This is where the real analysis comes in. Finding the keywords that not only generate clicks but also convert into business is true gold. As much as it may hurt you, you may even eliminate keywords that are generating clicks to your site because you’ll find they didn’t generate business. In the long run this type of judicious analysis will stop you from spending money on keywords that aren’t working and allow you to re-allocate that money to keywords that are converting and generating revenue. A more targeted spend not only produces more but it can lower your cost per click and make your overall campaign more efficient.

Search engine marketing, paid search or pay-per-click advertising…even what to call it can be confusing. At SEO Rocket we have multiple packages that suit a wide range of budgets. Each client is evaluated for tracking conversions that matter and analyzed for keywords that produce results before campaigns are built. Those campaigns are monitored and adjusted in a real-time fashion so that dollars are extremely targeted and not wasted. All of these things are crucial to your ROI. If you don’t have the time or resources to manage paid advertising for your business, but are interested in the many benefits a well managed paid ads campaign can produce, then contact us today to get started.

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