Case Studies


Show me the money, Rocket Man!

While many clients choose us based on our stellar reputation or a referral, others like cold, hard data to prove that it’s not our heads that are in the stars.  This growing list of case studies will show you how SEO Rocket meets marketing challenges and makes sure that your internet marketing investment works!

The Sleep Shop –

  • E-commerce AND brick and mortar retail location
  • Highly competitive product/market
  • Website with separate blog
  • Dramatic organic traffic loss

Results snapshot:

  • This site turned its luck around to double traffic, save money and catch some prime organic search result real estate!
  • Plunging site traffic turned around and doubled in less than a year.
  • The Client dropped their PPC campaign without losing site traffic = money savings!
  • 13 #1 rankings and 9 first page SERP locations
  • Traffic continues to increase steadily.

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Published 6/2017

Insurance Agency AdWords Campaign –

  • Anonymous case study at request of client
  • No online visibility and misdirected search marketing
  • No metrics to determine successes or need for redirection
  • Non-effective PPC campaign
  • Need for site content review and additions

Results snapshot:

  • Moved goal completion rate from non-existent to over 25%
  • Saw a exponential growth in traffic after implementation of AdWords
  • Generated phone calls by including mobile strategy into plan
  • Client continued to grow internet marketing efforts and AdWords budget

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Published 2012