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J.A. King Case Study

J.A. King Case Study Increased Leads

Client’s Challenge

J.A. King, a rapidly growing, multi-state precision measurement and calibration company was disappointed with the low conversions they were getting from their digital marketing. Furthermore, the plan felt outdated and needed to be more robust. Agency communication with their team was sparse and results were lackluster with no improvements in lead generation being seen. They wanted a custom solution that would feed aggressive growth and be scalable.


SEO Rocket’s Role

SEO Rocket was referred to J.A. King and asked to evaluate and identify the weaknesses in their current visibility strategy for both organic and search, implement corrections and develop a strong strategy going forward.



Strategy Initiated

SEO Rocket determined that the ideal approach would be to treat the J.A. King brand itself as a regional presence. Under this strategy, we enhanced local optimization for each brick-and-mortar location, linking its most relevant service offerings to geo-targeted service areas. We started our partnership with J.A. King in July 2013 when the company had 11 freestanding locations. Since then we’ve worked together to complete the following steps:
“As the digital marketing manager for a fast growing, midsize B2B company with local presence in 16 states, the team at SEO Rocket has helped me strategize ways to gain local market share as a regional company and maintain overall growth on the digital front."
Colin Tahsuda
Digital Marketing Manager J.A. King

Success! (The Results)

Since starting search visibility work with our SEO Rocket team in 2013, J.A. King has been able to achieve these results:
J.A. King Website Leads Increasing Trend Graph
"SEO Rocket has been an invaluable asset to our marketing team. With the range of services they offer, we have been able to improve our web presence and grow our business while utilizing their expertise in SEO, PPC, and social media. Our fast-paced culture often requires quick action implementations such as updates with acquisitions or expansion, and development of entirely new PPC campaigns. The team at SEO Rocket stays ahead of the curve, ensuring we maintain best practices for sustained growth."
Colin Tahsuda
Digital Marketing Manager J.A. King