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How To Add An Agency As A User To Your Google Search Console Account

Use your Google Account to sign in to Google Search Console and:   Choose your website property in Search Console. 2. Click the Settings icon in the navigation pane in the bottom left side of your screen. 3. In Property Settings, click ‘Users & permissions’. Note: If you don’t see ‘Users & permissions’, you don’t have … Read More

Building a Digital Strategy [Webinar]

SEO Rocket Webinars Build Your OwnDigital Marketing Strategy August 26, 2020 11:00 AM EDT   Are you ready to get serious and build a Digital Marketing strategy for your business? Angela McAfee and Tom Veltri of digital agency SEO Rocket will walk you through the time-tested system they use to design highly targeted plans for … Read More

Will This Be The Year to Get Your SEO Campaign In Shape?

Every year one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to lose some extra pounds and get into shape. Despite the promises of quick-fix miracle pills and diets, the best way to achieve and maintain our health and fitness goals is to regularly practice healthy lifestyle habits. Well, a quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) … Read More

Spring Cleaning Discovery – SEO Reminders

It’s that time of year. You strangely get the urge to go through the closet and donate clothes, clean out the glove box on the car and maybe even get rid of those bookmarks in your browser that you thought you’d come back to but never did. That’s what happened to me when I found … Read More

Content is King!

Every industry has it’s buzzwords that could easily become a conference room drinking game. Take a shot every time someone says, ‘outside of the box’, ‘sales funnel’ or ‘brand equity’. In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world “Content is King” is a term that has been around from the earliest days of SEO. The ongoing … Read More

SEO 101 – My Search Results Jump Around!

(Note: If you’re new to our blog this is the place where we give general basic tips to the business owner who may not understand SEO or even how their website was built. We try to keep it at a high level without being too nerdy or geeking out.) Have you ever put some words … Read More

Nice Assets… Are They Linkable?

Remember when your mother told you that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?  Your mama was probably talking about being sweet to all that you meet versus being “just plain hateful”.  This idiom happens to apply just as nicely to today’s strategies for content marketing and link building to enhance your … Read More

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