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Google Ads Audit Service & Consultation

SEO Rocket offers Google Ads audits and consultation to businesses, marketing managers and consultants looking to improve the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns for themselves or their clients. We offer Google Ads management as well as Google Ads audits.

With SEO Rocket, you have the advantage of working with an agency with more than 20 years’ experience successfully managing millions of dollars in paid ads. We make sure you’re spending smart and generating as many leads and sales as possible with your ad budget.


  • Are manually conducted by one of our experienced Google Ads experts
  • Identify ad spend waste
  • Improve your ongoing Google Ads management process
  • Reveal new opportunities for expanding your Google Ads plan
  • Are comprehensive and actionable
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We always begin our Google Ads audit process with a brief consultation with you about your business goals and the specific outcomes with Google Ads that you are looking to achieve. Are you looking to generate more website traffic from a specific location or demographic, phone call leads, e-commerce sales, registrations, etc.? How are you currently measuring the success for your Google Ads goals?

Our Google Ads experts will examine your Google Ads account to identify high-priority issues preventing your Google Ads from performing to its fullest potential. We carefully evaluate your:

  • Account structure
  • Account & campaign(s) settings
  • Ad Groups
  • Keywords
  • Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Reporting


Our Google Ads expert will then schedule time with you to present our findings and recommendations.

Did You Know?


Only 58% of Google Ads audited accounts had any PPC tracking in place


91% of the keywords in audited accounts produced no results, but cost 61% of ad spend budgets


52% of Google Ads accounts audited are sending all of their PPC traffic to their homepage

Having your Google Ads campaign set up and managed effectively is essential to getting your best ROI. If you’d like to improve your results from Google Ads right now, start with a Google Ads audit.

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