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One of the newer features in RocketReviews is that now your customers can copy the feedback they just left you, to use as a basis for an online review on Google, Facebook or other major review sites.

Copy paste review text 2

How to set it up

First, in your dashboard, go to <> and then click on <>.  Click on Positive Feedback Page and you’ll see a page similar to the one below.

RocketReviews copy n paste example 1

Click on the blue “Edit Body” button.  This is where you can change the verbiage on the page, but for this purpose, we’re going to add a “tag” that will allow users to copy and paste their review text.  Place your cursor on the line directly above the [review links] tag.

 Click on the [$] button.

RocketReviews copy n paste example 2

When this opens, you’ll see all of the available tags that you can use to pull information from the customer database.  For this instance, we want to use the one that is called [copy-paste-block].  Click on that tag.  It will insert it wherever your cursor is inside the text of the Positive Feedback page.

RocketReviews copy n paste example 3

Once you’ve added the [copy-paste-block] to your Positive Feedback Thank You page using the visual template editor, their feedback text will automatically show on your thank you page, right next to the Copy button.

RocketReviews copy n paste example 4

Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

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