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Did Your Website Succeed Yesterday?

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So you finally have a minute to breathe and you think maybe you should check your website stats. So where do you go? Wouldn’t it be nice to get an email each morning that said, “You’re website got a B+ yesterday”?

Even if there was such a service, the first thing you would have to do is set up your goals and how your website should be measured. We run into this all of the time. Prospective clients ask us to help them succeed on the web. We ask them how they will define success. We typically get answers like more business, better exposure and name recognition. While these goals are admirable and desirable, they aren’t strategies that are exclusive to internet marketing. You could improve any of these items through a number of marketing tactics and media. So how do you know if your website made the difference?

The first step for any plan is you have to be able to measure your results. We work closely with our clients to try and drill down to specific goals and key performance indicators that we can measure. We typically measure actions that a user can take on-site that can be extrapolated out to a projected dollar amount of revenue. We have conversations about what is the value of a phone call? What does a completed contact form from the site mean as a new lead? How many leads do you need in order to generate a new customer? What is the lifetime value of a customer? These answers are different for each client. A company selling an expensive complex product might have to have 50 leads before they make one sale. A business with an inexpensive impulse-buy as their main product might sell almost every time they have contact with a lead. The key for the business owner is to know their customer, their sales cycle and be able to track how they are performing throughout their sales cycle.

At SEO Rocket we help with this marketing strategy development and then provide the right tools to accomplish and measure goals. But often the key piece we provide to our clients is the feedback and measures of how their website is doing toward accomplishing their goals. A great example is with call tracking.

If phone calls are important to your business, then you know how difficult it can be to find out how people got your number and decided to call you. Live call tracking is a fine balance between probing questions with the caller and not wanting to be too self-serving and annoying. With our call tracking options, we help you by tracking the number of people who called your business after seeing your pay-per-click ad or after seeing your company info in search engine results. For example, clients can see that their calls from Google search results have increased above their baseline since they have made changes to their website. Instead of having to give the caller the third degree about how they found you, our clients can get totals each month showing the number of people that found them using paid or organic search and called their business.

Great tracking enables the client to tweak their tactics and improve their results. At the end of the month clients know how well their website is helping their business succeed.

Are you ready to measure your internet marketing and improve your results? Contact us if your website has been circling in the same old orbit and you’d like to raise it to the next level.

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