How to Add An Agency as a User to Your Google Analytics Account

When you begin working with a digital marketing agency, one thing you’ll likely be asked to do is add the agency as a user in Google Analytics for your website.  This allows the agency to go “under the hood” and see the data regarding website traffic, goals, conversions and more.  It also allows the agency to know where they are starting from and how long it will take to reach the goal for the client.

In Google Analytics, you can add users at the account, property, or view level. The level at which you add a user determines that user’s initial access. For example, if you add a user at the account level, then that user also has access to all the properties and views in the account, with the same set of permissions. You can change the level of access and permissions for a user at any time. (Learn more about permissions.)

  • Our preference is that clients add us at the account level.  This way, we can create views and goals so that we are playing in our own sandbox, so to speak.  Also, it allows us to create filters.  For example, we’d be able to create a filter that doesn’t count traffic from our static IP address.

Users are identified by their email addresses. You can add only users whose email addresses are registered as a Google account.

Add users

You can add as many users as you need. To add a new user to an account/property/view:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the desired account/property/view.
  3. In the Account, Property, or View column (depending upon whether you want to add users at the account, property, or view level), click User Management.
GA User Management 1024x606 1

4. In the Account users list, click +, then click Add new users.

GA Add New Users 1024x208 1

5. Enter the email address for the user’s Google Account.
6. Select Notify new users by email to send a message to the user.

7. Select the permissions you want. Learn more about permissions.

8. Click Add.

GA Add Permissions 1024x445 1

For our purposes, we usually request that we are given all permissions EXCEPT “Manage Users”.  This allows us to create views, filters, goals and make annotations as needed.

If you need any assistance adding users to your Google Analytics account, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  We’ll be glad to help you!

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