How To Safely Add An Agency To Your Google Ads Account

Before you start working with a digital marketing agency on your PPC accounts, it is common for them to request access to Google Ads, Bing Ads, or any other paid marketing platforms you might be using. Account audits are important because they allow PPC account managers to assess the current state of your account, come up with recommendations for improvement, and begin planning a strategy for moving forward if you decide to work with them. During the audit process, PPC account managers do not make changes, we only scan and take notes.

For our audit process, we request access to your Google Ads account using our Manager Account (previously known as an MCC). This allows us to analyze your account and run some initial reports to show you our findings. It also allows us to easily remove our access if you decide that we are not the right agency for you.


First of all, log into your Google Ads account. To provide us with access, we will ask for your Customer ID number. This is a ten-digit number found in the top right corner of the interface right above your account email address.

Customer ID Image Blur

Once we have the account number, you will receive a management request from our agency account. To accept the request, log in to Google Ads. Click on the wrench icon labeled TOOLS in the top, right corner. In the Tools menu, under the SETUP section, click “Account access”.

Account Access Blur

Once in Account access, click the “Managers” tab on the left side of the page.

Tools Menu Directions

There should be a “Pending Invitations” section that appears. Simply accept the invitation and the link is complete!

If you need any help with adding us to your Google Ads account or any other PPC account, contact SEO Rocket.

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