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This post shows you how to group Businesses by creating “Labels” in RocketReviews

“Labels” allow you to organize your businesses locations into meaningful groups. This allows you to easily manage tens, hundreds, or even thousands of business locations in the RocketReviews Business Dashboard and get summary statistics on each the groups too.

​Labels are unique to each User. This allows a regional manager to group their businesses to their liking, while a national manager may have different labels catering to his/her unique grouping needs.

OPTION 1 – Creating New Labels

1) Log into your RocketReviews account

2) Click the “Labels” button

labels rocketreviews 1

3) Click the “Create New” link to set up a new Label.

create new label RocketReviews

4) Click on the checkbox next to your Businesses and assign the Label to your selected Businesses

OPTION 2 – Creating new Instant-Labels (aka creating Labels on-the-fly)

1) Log into your RocketReviews account

2) Click the checkbox next to your desired businesses you want to group as a Label.

3) Enter your desired label name into the “Label as:” text box.

create new label instant rocketreviews

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