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Nice Assets… Are They Linkable?

Remember when your mother told you that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?  Your mama was probably talking about being sweet to all that you meet versus being “just plain hateful”.  This idiom happens to apply just as nicely to today’s strategies for content marketing and link building to enhance your site’s search results.

Back in the stone age when you were still toasting with your Class of 2005 mugs, link building consisted of a friendly email to a peer or industry related site requesting an exchange of links until enough of them agreed. You link to me, I link to you, we all get loads of new search traffic by winning the digital popularity contest and go home happy. Right? Well, maybe back then. Now, there’s a higher level of competition and spam floating through the internet. As marketers, we owe it to our visitors and link partners to produce a linkworthy asset that gives them something of real value.

Linkable Who?

Before we waste everyone’s time, let’s stop and consider the content marketing piece of your internet marketing strategy. What would be a “linkable asset” for your business site?

Most would consider a linkable asset to be content in the form of a blog, download, image, event or page on your site which your target audience would consider of value. Basically, something worthy of a moment of their short attention spans. It must be of interest or implied innovation to the target you wish to reach. Ya know, some digital honey for those flies!

When creating content and new information for your site consider these criteria:

  • Would YOU follow a link to “read more” about this?
  • Does it generate an audience, lead or advocate for your business?
  • Is it timeless enough to create future links and still be relevant?
  • Or, the opposite – extremely newsworthy?
  • Does it enhance and strengthen your company as an expert, thought leader or authority?
  • Will it give you shareable content for social media and have the potential to help your SEO as well?

Give Me a Clear Picture with Examples and Everything

You provide a killer product/service, your employees give the best customer service in town, your shop dog is the cutest on the block and you’re known for all around excellence. Surely! Next, you need some new customers to learn all of these things about you as well. Being the 2015’s and all, let’s just know that those new leads will come from the internet/search or word of mouth. There’s no debate there anymore. What gives you exposure and draws people to your site? What makes you so awesomely shareable and deserving of the link love?

Considering the criteria above, let’s use the example of a local bakery known for its sugary deliciousness and sassy flare. The target audience would most likely be female, event planners, moms, and brides.  Here are some examples of linkworthy assets for them to get you thinking:

  • Party essentials – A blog about what is needed to throw the perfect party for your child/friend/spouse. How about a checklist of items to have at the ready included how many glasses, plates, utensils would be required by the perfect hostess? All of which match the beautiful cake in the center.
  • Themes and trends – 1st birthday, cowboy, princess, lingerie bachelorette parties, camo groom’s cake, What is hot in the world of parties, weddings and entertaining in general? (Tap Pinterest for inspiration.)
  • How to’s – Something for the DIY planner who needs tips on all that they can do themselves on a tight budget. Another option would be cake or cookie decorating tips.
  • Choosing the perfect cake – How about a blog or infographic about choosing the cake that will fit your theme, number of attendees and budget perfectly.
  • History – Share some insight into the history of the business? Or, why specific cake flavors or chosen for specific occasions? “Let them eat cake!” Who said it and were they correctly quoted or horribly misunderstood?

Need help deciding where to start with your internet marketing campaign? Contact us today to let us help you with your search engine visibility! 

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