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New RocketReviews Feature: Social Sharing

As digital marketers, we often tell local business owners how having an optimized Google Business Profile (fka Google My Business) is essential.  However, this is not a “set it and forget it” type of task.  Keeping your Google Business Profile optimized is something that requires some time and attention on a regular basis.  Ideally, you’d want to spend some time each week dedicated to it.

A common problem that business owners and digital marketers sometimes come across is that some information on your business’s Google profile keeps changing to incorrect information.  Just do a quick search on Google Business Profile forums and you’ll see people asking about how to deal with this issue.

Our latest feature Social Sharing helps you turn your reviews into stunning social media content you can post to your social media channels. Share your best reviews to Google Posts or Facebook directly from RocketReviews or simply download your creations for posting to Instagram and Twitter. Market the voice of your customer and stand out with fresh visual content.

With the addition of Social Sharing, you can now amplify your reviews across the web in five different ways using RocketReviews and get 5x more marketing value from your reviews.

We offer background themes you can use right out of the box and also allow you to customize your own themes. Create beautiful social media content with photo backgrounds, overlays, colors, textures and more.

Use Google Posts to Stand Out in Search

As a trusted resource for expertise in local search reputation management, we are especially excited to offer a great opportunity to share reputation content in Google Posts using Social Sharing. Google Posts add visual content to your Google Business Profile strengthening your brand’s presence in local search.

Social Sharing enables direct posting to Google Posts for authorized users making it easy to add reputation content to your brand’s search results.

google posts social sharing image
Publish posts directly to Facebook and Google Posts from RocketReviews

Turn Your Reputation into Social Media Content

The web, especially social media, is a visual medium so we wanted to give you a way to easily create visually engaging content to share the voice of your customer and make your brand stand out in social channels.

Instagram social sharing image
Share the voice of your customer in social channels via custom images created using Social Sharing from RocketReviews

Select a review from Customer Activity to activate the image generator in Social Sharing. Select a theme to add a background color, image, or texture to a review to create a compelling custom image to share with your customers and fans.

Theme customization image
Four themes are prepared with default backgrounds and formatting to get you started but you can customize up to 5 themes to create unique branded social images. Change the background, add an overlay, and select text color and size to customize your creation.

One Review Makes 4 Social Images

Just one review creates 4x the content. Graphics created via the image generator are available to download in four sizes ideal for posting to selected social channels. Image content is automatically resized to fit available dimensions so that each graphic maintains the integrity of the selected theme and layout. Sizes available for download include:

  • Facebook (1200 x 630)
  • Google Posts (1024 x 575)
  • Twitter (1200 x 675)
  • Instagram (1080 x 1080)
social sharing by channel image

You can also publish images generated in Social Sharing directly to Facebook and Google Posts with one click. To publish posts directly you must complete or edit the Authorization Settings in your account. Once completed, authorized social channels will be enabled to select and publish directly to.

Start Sharing Now

If you are not using RocketReviews, sign-up today to start capturing customer feedback and reviews to turn into unique visual images that you can share to your social media profiles.

If you are an existing customer, Social Sharing is available on all of our RocketReviews plans. You can find it in your RocketReviews Publish menu.

For help getting started with Social Sharing, start here.

RocketReviews Helps Grow Your Business

RocketReviews, our feedback-first customer review management system, makes it easy to gather and promote customer feedback. Schedule a demo to see how easy it is to build your brand and grow your business.

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