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Preparing For Your Digital Marketing Plan

We tend to ask detailed questions about your business because we care about achieving meaningful results together. The more we understand your business and your needs, the better we can help you reach the goals that grow your business.

Sometimes, a business has a big change coming, that requires big answers to lead the way. When that happens, we always suggest starting with a custom digital marketing plan that we call your SEO Rocket Flight Plan.

To put together the right plan for you, there are a four key elements about your business we must know:


Do your struggles sound like this?

“We built this beautiful, SEO-friendly site, but it gets no traffic.”

“Our traffic counts are high, yet there are no sales.”

“My Sales team isn’t getting any leads from our website.”

Consider the following:

  • What is the most important thing that you need your website visitors to do (or do more of) that they aren’t doing now?
  • Have you been measuring this online aspect of your business? Do you have a specific target in mind that represents success?
  • How will success (or failure) in resolving this issue make a difference to your business?


It’s vital to communicate in a way that ensures all key decision makers understand the issues and expectations of the project. Let’s not have anything get lost in translation.

Who is the ultimate authority in your business: the person who understands the company’s needs, determines the budget and timeline necessary for success, and has the final say in marketing decisions?

If this key decision maker is participating in our conversations from the outset, communication is always clearer and more efficient. Effective communication ensures your road map to success will be more accurate. Your business’ key leaders need to be thoroughly informed to understand the value of all marketing efforts.


If you want a contractor to build you a house, he or she will need to know the amount of money that’s budgeted for the project. Your digital marketing plan is no different.

We find that the best outcomes are the result of consistently implementing good practices. You need to know how much your business can afford to invest in the execution of your digital marketing plan over time.

Our objective is to help you achieve a strong ROI and reach your business goals. To do that, we need to know your marketing budget so that we can figure out the best areas to allocate those resources in your strategy for success.

When deciding on a budget, be sure to consider the value that accomplishing your marketing goal represents to your business. It’s also essential to understand how quickly you need to achieve your goal.

Understanding your budget enables us to determine which tactics may or may not be available for your plan. Having this information from the start saves us all time and avoids misdirected efforts.


A timeline allows us to formulate the right combination of services to meet your needs. 

  • Is expediency of results a priority?
  • Do you have the resources to encourage a better ROI by investing in long term, consistent efforts?
  • Does your budget support both organic and paid tactics for the best of both worlds?

Your business situation is unique, and your plan requires consideration of all relevant elements. Through transparency and cooperation, we can apply your information to deliver your custom Flight Plan – your road map to success!

Are you ready for your own road map to success? SEO Rocket can help! Schedule a free, no obligation consultation with us today.

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