SEO Audit




Would you like to be getting more organic traffic from Google?

We have reviewed hundreds of websites and every single time we found opportunities to improve search rankings and drive more leads and sales from Google. For example, for one SEO client, we were able to increase organic traffic by 70% while delivering 5X their monthly leads within the first 4 months after our initial audit.

Realistically no website is ever perfectly optimized and often it takes a fresh pair of eyes to spot the opportunities.

Discover quick wins for your website with an SEO audit and consultation from SEO Rocket. Our 100+ point SEO audit is a practical way to reveal mission critical, high-priority issues that are sabotaging your visitors’ experience and SEO potential.

We take a thorough approach to every audit and emphasize your highest impact needs and opportunities for the fastest SEO results. As part of our SEO audit, our experts will schedule time to consult with you about our findings and recommendations.


  • Manually conducted by one of our experienced SEO experts
  • Supported by 20+ years of SEO experience
  • Comprehensive and actionable
  • Completed using a combination of top professional SEO tools and manual tests


You’ll Receive:

  • 100+ point SEO site audit performed by one of our SEO experts
  • Consultation with your SEO specialist regarding the most critical issues affecting your SEO performance
  • Digital copies of your SEO audit findings and expert recommendations


Local SEO Businesses Will Also Receive:

  • Audit of your Google Business Profile information
  • Audit of your information in the top local citation influencers
  • Audit of your online customer reviews


PLUS a FREE step-by-step Google Business Profile Checklist to claim, verify, optimize and manage your Google Business Profile information