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Geofencing Marketing & Advertising Services

SEO Rocket offers performance-based geofencing advertising services to drive more foot traffic to your business and increase sales and brand awareness.

Would you like to deliver your advertising to people visiting places you care about?

Geofencing advertising, or geofencing marketing, is a powerful form of location-based advertising. A virtual geographic perimeter (geofence) is created around physical locations to deliver highly targeted mobile advertisements to customers.

Mobile location data defines whether a device has entered your target geofence. GPS-based accuracy enables you to run a very different kind of campaign from the targeting you can do with Google Ads. With location data, you’ll better understand and convert otherwise out-of-reach audiences.

Drive More Website and In-Store Visits with Location-Based Ads

Harness the power of a location-based advertising platform to reach the right people based on where they are and encourage them to visit your store. We help you comprehend and reach your audiences to drive outcomes that matter: Increase brand awareness, drive more online and in-store visits, and increase sales to your business.

Targeting Options

On-premises targeting example

On-Premises Targeting

We take location targeting to a new level with on-premises mobile location targeting. Our system can tell precisely whether a person is in a store, in a parking lot, in a retail block, or within walking distance of a specific location. This level of accuracy allows us to reach your audience with clear messaging instantly and offers to impact present and future behaviors.

Proximity targeting example

Proximity Targeting

Reach consumers in real-time when they are near your geofenced locations. Proximity targeting allows you to define a radius around a specific, geofenced location to message or influence nearby consumer behavior.

Neighborhood targeting example

Neighborhood Targeting

Neighborhood location-based targeting allows us to target unique geographical boundaries based on visitation patterns and audience segments, providing a scalable and customizable mobile location marketing solution.


Audience Targeting & Retargeting

We utilize robust and detailed audience segments to reach likely customers based on their past behaviors, interests, location, and demographic details. Using this information, we can tailor ads to reach customers when they are likely to buy your products or use your services. We can also create retargeting lists to encourage repeat visits and purchases.

  • Target potential customers based on their real-time location and recent location history. It can be your business, your competition, or a category of similar businesses.
  • Target potential customers based on their lifestyles and interests with demographic and behavioral details. Such as millennial coffee lovers.
  • Create custom audiences using visitation data, shopping behaviors, demographics, and purchase information.


Event Targeting

We have worked with a local business that wanted to draw in customers from a nearby three-day festival. With location targeting, we built a geofence around the event location and served ads to attendees while they were at the festival and for weeks after the event concluded, leading to more in-store visits. This strategy can also help businesses who attend or promote events, such as trade shows, keep their brand on customers’ minds and increase engagement with your brand or event.

Measure Campaign Results

Measure in-store visits from ad spend and analyze campaign results using robust reports.

  • Summary Reporting – See the overall performance of your campaign and ad creatives with key performance metrics such as reach, impressions, and visits.
  • Location Reporting – See campaign performance broken down by state, designated marketing area, zip code, or individual store location.
  • Audience Reporting – See how your campaigns or ad creative perform by audience behavior, store category, brand affinity, or demographics


Where people go is the clearest indicator of a purchaser’s intent. The places people visit throughout their day tell more about their habits and who they are than a Google search or a “like” on Facebook.

Did You Know?


84% of marketers now use location data in their marketing and ad campaigns


94% marketers plan to use location data in the future


40% year-over-year growth makes this one of the fastest-growing marketing tactics for consumer and retail segments


How much does geofencing cost?

The minimum costs vary depending on which geofencing provider you use. Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) is the typical buying model for our services and generally runs from a minimum of $3.50 to $15 per thousand ad impressions. We recommend starting with a budget of at least $500 to gather enough data for meaningful analysis. 

How effective is geofencing marketing? 

Geofencing ads are a highly targeted and effective way to increase brand awareness and visits to your business location(s) for a reasonable cost compared to other paid advertising methods. With sophisticated location technology and a solid understanding of your target audience, geofencing provides an excellent way to get ads in front of the right people at the right time. 

Let SEO Rocket put the power of geofencing marketing in your hands to drive more customers to you.

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