Google Analytics


Ooohhh… whatcha got there? Let’s take a look under that hood for a minute, shall we?

There are over 13 billion web pages on the Web today. Wouldn’t you just looove to know who is looking at yours?

That’s cool. We have Google Analytics for that! Google Analytics helps you to see where your site’s visitors are coming from, what pages they are visiting, when they leave and where they go from there.

Our experts use Google Analytics as a crucial tool for their data driven decision making and performance feedback. In non-Rocket Scientist terms, these means that it shows us:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of your site.
  • Which SEO strategies are working, which are not.
  • How your customers are finding your site.
  • Which keywords are most likely to result in a sale or achieved goal.

This tool allows us to make data driven decisions without ever having to make wild guesses about the performance of your site. We then take that information and use it to make monthly adjustments to your SEO campaign.

What’s the fun part, you ask? The reports are highly configurable! Once you become one of our Clients, we work with you to design the monthly Google Analytics reports you receive so that they reflect your specific goals for the site. You can watch your progress along with us!

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