Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

PPC Services put you in the driver’s seat with your online marketing to grow your business. PPC ad campaigns deliver targeted ads to your potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for what you offer.

 Social Media advertising with Facebook Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest allow you to connect with your target audience according to their job title, age, gender, location, a particular interest, etc. Our PPC management services allow you to utilize a full suite of paid advertising formats that deliver instant traffic to your site.s

Digital Paid Advertising Services

The Power of SEO Rocket

With SEO Rocket, you have the advantage of working with a Google Partner with more than 20 years’ experience successfully managing millions of dollars in paid ads.

Google Partner

PPC Location-Based Marketing

Would you like to drive more foot traffic to your business and increase brand awareness? Location-based marketing matches the places with the people who visit them. With location data, you’ll better understand and convert audiences that are otherwise out of reach.
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PPC Management

Paid advertising is an effective way to quickly increase qualified traffic for leads and sales to your business. Paid ads work especially well if your business is rebranding, launching a new website or new products, or needs the ability to reach your audience in multiple ways.
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PPC Audits

Are you looking for ways to improve your PPC advertising campaign's results? Our best PPC service managers will examine your PPC accounts and offer you the very same expert advice that we would implement if we were managing your account.
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Social Media Advertising

Want to use the most cost effective form of digital advertising? Our team will create and optimize social ad campaigns designed to connect with your audience on the right social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.
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PPC Audits

We offer PPC audits as a service to businesses who are looking for ways to improve their PPC efforts. Our best PPC managers will examine your PPC accounts and offer you the very same advice that we would implement if we were managing your account.

With varying PPC ad formats you can reach your target audience in numerous ways:

Search Ads – Paid search ads allow you to bid for your text ads to display prominently on search engines like Google and Bing whenever someone type target keywords related to your business in the search bar. The top PPC ads are displayed above unpaid (i.e. organic) SEO listings and can direct traffic to specific pages on your website, or initiate a phone call to your business.

Display Ads – Display Ads are visual ads in the form of text, image, video and rich media that can be displayed across a vast network of websites, videos and apps. Display Ads are great for increasing your brand awareness. Google’s Display Ads network reaches 90% of internet users via 2 million websites, including YouTube – arguably the second most popular internet search engine.

Shopping Ads – If you sell products on your website, you can use Shopping Ads to advertise your product images, prices and store information above search results, on the Google’s Shopping search page, and on other advertising locations across the web.

Remarketing – Many ad networks offer you the ability to attract visitors back to your website by prominently showing your ads to visitors who left your website without completing a desired action. For example, you can remarket search and display ads for a product to someone who recently visited your product page, but left your website without making a purchase. Website visitors who see your retargeted ads are 70% more likely to make a purchase on your website.

Social Media Ads – Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to display advertisements to their audiences.

Google Local Services Ads – Google’s Local Services ads are distinct from Google Ads. They are meant for local businesses in specific industries. We can provide you with the support you need to get started in Local Service Ads as they are available in your location and industry.  Contact us if you would like to be added to our notification list when Local Service Ads are available to you in your service area.

Why Select SEO Rocket?

Whether your campaign is large or small, our goal is always the same – to make sure that you get the very best results from your advertising dollars! We’ve been able to audit, provide consultative services and have managed literally millions of dollars’ worth of PPC ad data – which has given us a vast amount of experience to draw upon.

You Gain a Trusted Advisor

Our core values emphasize delivering quality services to you. We create and implement plans that are best for what you want to accomplish and meaningful to your growth.

There Are No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

We take the time to find the right solution for your business. Most of our clients opt to start with a service audit or a Flight Plan where we provide you with your complete digital marketing road map.

You’ll Optimize Your Marketing Investment

We constantly track, measure, and analyze everything relevant to your advertising campaign in order to minimize your costs and maximize your results.

You Get A Support Team Of Experienced Experts

We offer more than 20 years industry experience and our team members have certifications in Google Analytics, SEO, and PPC specialties with Search and Shopping Ads campaigns. You’ll benefit from our in-house team of digital marketing specialists in SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Reputation Management, Analytics, and a dedicated (US-based) copywriter. Your team will communicate any time-sensitive information to you and whenever you have questions, you can expect a reply within one business day.

You Get Detailed Monthly Reports

Your customized monthly reports include analysis and recommendations from our experts about your marketing results along with the performance data that impacts your bottom line.

You’ll Own All Marketing Assets That Are Created For You

Some providers won’t let you keep your work if you leave their services. Not us. You own your website, online accounts, content and ads.