Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Google search ads can be one of the best investments for your business for 2 very good reasons:

  1. Highly targeted – Search ads only appear when people are specifically searching Google for your product or service. So you’ll get seen by your ideal customer at the time when your customer is looking to buy what you offer.
  2. Low risk – Since you only pay-per-click, search advertising can be much less risky than other forms of advertising. You’re only paying Google when interested customers click on your ads to connect with you.

When done right, Google Ads offer an effective way to quickly increase qualified traffic for revenue growth. PPC advertising works especially well if your business is new, rebranding, launching a new website or new products, or needs the ability to reach your audience in multiple ways.

“Google Ads was designed to help businesses achieve online success. To accomplish this, Google Ads was built on three core principles: Relevance, control, and results."

Advertising Options

With Search, Shopping, Display and Remarketing ads available, there are a variety of flexible solutions available to deliver the right message to your target audience.

Targeted Reach

Whether you’re a local business or a global brand, PPC targeting options allow you to select exactly when and where your advertisements are seen.

Budget Control

Choose your PPC ad spend budget and adjust your budget as needed. With optimized PPC campaigns, you are able to get a high return on investment which may not be possible with other marketing strategies.

Increased Exposure

PPC ads appear prominently above search results and on ad partner websites. Millions of people click Google ads every day.

Learn Your Market

PPC advertising offers a wealth of information about your customers’ habits. You can discover the keyword searches they use, their location, device preferences, days and times they are most active along with a variety of additional demographic data.  This information is not only useful for improving your PPC campaigns, but can be used to improve your SEO results and overall product and services offerings.

The Power of SEO Rocket

With SEO Rocket, you have the advantage of working with a Google Partner with more than 20 years’ experience successfully managing millions of dollars in paid ads.

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Our PPC Services Include

PPC Audits

We offer PPC audits as a service to businesses who are looking for ways to improve their PPC efforts. Our best PPC managers will examine your PPC accounts and offer you the very same advice that we would implement if we were managing your account.


What IS PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, an internet marketing channel that allows you to display ads on an advertising network and pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked. As such, advertising networks provide you with a great deal of control over how, when and where your advertisements will be displayed to the public while remaining within your ad spend budget.

Should You Hire a PPC Agency?

A PPC agency takes care of the daily tasks of managing the health of your online presence so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. An experienced PPC manager will pour over performance and analytics data to identify the best opportunities for advertising success and to catch anomalies that need to be addressed in a timely manner. The only thing more expensive than hiring an expert, is hiring an amateur.
Which Pay Per Click Services Are Right for Me? There are multiple PPC ad networks and forms of advertising available among different search engines and social media platforms. Understanding the audiences that each of these different ad networks reach will help you identify those that offer you the best opportunities to reach your target audience. You’ll also need to consider each ad network’s advertiser guidelines and restrictions because not all advertising options are available to every type of business. Popular forms of PPC advertising include:
If You’re Doing SEO, Do You Need PPC?
Does Your PPC Affect Your SEO? The short answer is no.  Your SEO results are not affected by whether or not you are participating in PPC advertising.  That said, there are a number of SEO and PPC requirements that overlap (e.g. keyword relevancy with your webpage content, website performance and user experience, etc.).  In this regard, applying good PPC practices to your website may improve your SEO.

How Much Do PPC Services Cost?

Agencies differ in experience, available supporting services and pricing models. Like most agencies, we charge a monthly retainer according to your advertising campaign needs and monthly ad spend budget.  We don’t offer one-size-fits-all pricing, but our PPC service management fees start for as little as $399/month.

The PPC ad networks you are using will also charge you a cost-per-click (CPC) fee whenever an interested customer clicks on your ad to visit your website or call your business. Your CPC fee for a particular ad click is calculated in a live auction and limited by your ad budget.

To succeed with PPC, you’ll need an ad budget that is sufficient to compete effectively with other advertisers and gather enough advertising data to apply to your advertising efforts.  With keyword and competition research we can help you determine what your initial ad spend budget should be.

How Long Does PPC Take? One of the strengths of PPC is that it puts you, the advertiser, in direct control of your digital marketing program.  You can have a very basic PPC account up and running in a matter of minutes. However, an experienced PPC provider will make certain that you’re ready for success (e.g. keyword research, quality landing pages, some form of analytics in place to report results, etc.) before launching your PPC ads. Once your ads are active, you’ll begin gathering detailed data that begins the cycle of identifying areas of opportunity for refinement and making improvements.  Changes to your PPC campaign that are applied and approved go immediately into effect although it typically takes a minimum of two weeks to gather enough performance data to properly evaluate the effect of any given change.

How Does SEO Rocket Track PPC Success?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Unfortunately, many business owners are not accurately tracking their marketing, website, or PPC ads performance. Before we begin your PPC services, we make sure that your site has all relevant reporting tools are properly installed, configured and reporting accurate performance data.  Typical reporting tools we rely on are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Call Tracking (whenever phone call leads are important to your business growth).

What happens if I stop PPC?

PPC advertising adds tremendous flexibility and control to your digital marketing plan.  You can add, expand, pause and update different parts of your PPC ad plan as needed.  However, as soon as you completely stop your PPC advertising on an ad network, your ads are no longer active and you will no longer attract visitors to your website from that PPC ad network.


79% of marketers say PPC is hugely beneficial for their business


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75% of users click on ads to help them find the information they need more easily



65% of people click on ads when making purchases