Social Media Advertising

As of 2019, the average social media user in the U.S. spends more than two hours per day on social media sites. With advertising options available on the most popular social media sites, you can get your message noticed by your audience according to their location, profession, income, age group, gender, activities, interests, etc.

Social media advertising is the most cost effective form of digital advertising. Our team will create and optimize social ad campaigns designed to connect with your audience on the right social media networks.

Social Media Advertising Audits

We offer social media adverting audits as a service to businesses who are looking for ways to improve their advertising efforts. Our best social media ad managers will examine your ad accounts and offer you the very same advice that we would implement if we were managing your account.

Social Media Analytics

As with all of our digital marketing services, we employ analytics to measure performance in order to evaluate and further optimize your results.  You’ll receive monthly social media insights and Google Analytics data so you can understand exactly how well your social media campaigns are performing.  Analytics helps us measure customer engagement, track your growth and successes and gain customer insights to improve your marketing performance.

Our Social Media Advertising Services Include