Rocket Reviews

RocketReviews is an automated system for gathering customer feedback and online reviews that you can start using TODAY!

First, start a conversation by asking for customer feedback that will:

Thumbs UpCapture positive feedback and turn them into testimonials

Thumbs DownAddress negative feedback

CheckmarkMakes it easy, peasy to leave online reviews

How can it help my business?

  • Intercept any possible negative feedback like a pro
  • INCREASED positive online reviews (Yay! More SEO power for you!)
  • Provides an automated system for asking for testimonials and reviews
  • Get more reviews for your business without breaking review sites’ terms of use
  • Capture testimonials which can be displayed on your website
  • Better search results (Let’s say that again. Better search results!)
  • Tracks businesses with multiple locations separately
  • More repeat business and referrals for bottom line growth!

By asking each of your customers for feedback, you are engaging in a valuable conversation with them.

Capture testimonials from your happy customers that can be published to your website easily.

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This leads to a steady stream of online reviews on the most important review sites for your business. These build over time to make YOU look even more awesome without you having to do anything extra!

Rich content on your site, online reviews from 3rd party sites such as:

Facebook Google+ Yahoo Local Bing Citysearch

All of these add up to better search results and conversions, leading to more new customers for your business.

With a little input from you, RocketReviews automatically solicits and tracks feedback, minimizes the number of bad reviews, pushes testimonials out to your own website and encourages happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet. Only Superman can do better – and he’s so hard to reach.

To get started with RocketReviews today, email us at