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RocketReviews provides a robust solution for acquiring customer reviews that is simple to use and easy on your budget. Grow your business as you gather, manage, and promote your reputation on your website, Google and your social media audience.

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Maximize Your Local SEO & Online Reviews

More positive customer reviews and ratings help you harness the power of third-party online review sites, such as Google and Facebook, to improve your website’s visibility and search ranking. In addition, our Social Sharing feature turns your reviews into stunning social media content that you can post on your social media channels.

With multiple ways to gather and add customer reviews to your website and then promote them, you can use RocketReviews to turn your site into a powerful sales funnel.

RocketReviews Helps You Build a Better Business

With RocketReviews, it’s easy to connect with your customers and gain valuable insight into what’s important to them. This will help you market to your brand’s advocates and quickly alert you to issues with unhappy customers so that you can recover their loyalty. RocketReviews makes all of this possible by building a continuous cycle of happy clients and powerful reviews that help you capture your next customer.

RocketReviews Support

Visit our RocketReviews Knowledge Base and unlock the full potential of RocketReviews. You can search and quickly locate the information you are most interested in, or browse through our list of articles and tips organized by topic; all offering easy step-by-step instructions accompanied by screenshot examples to help you with any RocketReviews task.

Most RocketReviews answers can be found in our RocketReviews Knowledge Base. However, if you can’t find the answers you need there, you’ll be able to contact your RocketReviews Support Specialist with your questions and your specialist will respond ASAP.

Local Business Reviews

Generate the customer reviews that will help market your business. RocketReviews helps you build a continuous cycle of customer feedback and reviews that you can use to convert even more new customers. Now you can manage your customer experience just like big companies do at a price that fits your budget. Drive your sales up with RocketReviews.
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Multi-Location Reviews

Whether you have 2 locations or 20,000 locations, RocketReviews allows you to simplify your reputation management, monitoring, and marketing tasks for all of your locations through your online dashboard. Capture more customer feedback, engage more customers, build more reviews, market to your brand's advocates and drive even more sales to your business locations.
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RocketReviews Pricing

There are three RocketReviews plans available: Pro, Pro Plus and Executive. If you're not sure which plan is right for your business, we have a few helpful tips and a convenient chart you can use to  compare pricing and features of each plan so you can decide which plan is best for your business. But don't worry, if needed, you can change your plan at any time.
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did you know?



89% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations



50% only pay attention to reviews written in the past 2 weeks



Among consumers that read reviews, 97% read businesses’ responses to reviews

Our proven, feedback-first customer review system is a turnkey solution for making it easier to gather more positive customer reviews, promote your reputation and grow your business. Get started today and see how RocketReviews can help you: