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Call Tracking

Tracking inbound calls is vital to your business’ digital marketing. Customers will contact your business in various ways: social media, websites forms, email, even texting. Yet, whether they’re using their home phones, smart phones or through desktop VoIP technology – many people still prefer to call your businesses directly.


Using call tracking allows you to make better informed digital marketing decisions. Make phone calls as measurable and optimizable as online clicks.

Determine what calls from different marketing sources drive leads, opportunities, and revenue to your business in order to make smarter optimizations and deliver the best return – both online and over the phone.  Without this information, you’re operating and making decisions based on an incomplete view of customer interactions.

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With call tracking data, you’ll get answers to questions like:

  • Which of your marketing campaigns is providing you with the most leads?
  • How can you improve your customer service experience?
  • What can you do to increase your conversion rates?

Our call tracking solution is in use by more than 100,000 companies and marketing agencies globally.  Discover which of your campaigns are driving the most phone calls.

Call conversion data feeds directly into Google Ads and even optimizes your Call Tracking Ad campaigns as you track phone calls as conversions.

Unlike other call tracking solutions, ours uses dynamic number insertion, so it is 100% SEO-friendly, and you can also take it with you because you’ll own it.

If phone calls matter, you need call tracking. Contact us now to get a call tracking solution in place for your business.

Did You Know?


65% of customers would rather contact a business by making a phone call


70% of customers use “click to call” in ad campaigns to reach companies 


61% of mobile searches result in a phone call 


What is dynamic call tracking and how does it work?

Dynamic call tracking is a technology that allows businesses to determine which marketing campaigns generate quality leads.

This is done by displaying different phone numbers for specific online campaigns and to audiences across different regions.

It works by using dynamic number insertion (DNI) to show different phone numbers to various audiences and on different campaigns. Using this technology, marketers can easily tell which campaigns are generating inbound calls.

Does call tracking affect SEO?

When using call tracking with dynamic number insertion (DNI), your SEO is not negatively affected. However, using call tracking numbers on each of your third-party directory listings COULD negatively affect your Local SEO. Since DNI is not an option on those listings pages, we don’t recommend using call tracking numbers on directories.

How can I track Google Business Profile calls?

Google does offer basic information for calls to your business via your Google Business Profile listing. However, to fully track those calls, the preferred method is to add your call tracking number to the ‘Primary Phone’ field and then enter your main business line in the ‘Additional Phone’ field.

By putting your main phone number in the ‘Additional Phone’ field, it helps prevent citation consistency issues by ensuring that your main number stays connected to your other listings on directories across the web.

Use call tracking to gather the right customer data for increasing and improving leads and sales.

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