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Ecommerce SEO Services

SEO Rocket provides ecommerce SEO services that grow your business. Let us help you use SEO to turn your site into a sales engine for your business.

With the convenience of ecommerce and shifting consumer buying behavior, predictions are that US ecommerce sales will continue its strong growth trend and exceed $1 trillion for the first time in 2022.


  • SEO Creates Traffic
  • SEO is Sustainable
  • SEO Improves User Experience
  • SEO Influences Buyer Journey
  • SEO Builds Trust
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  • Analysis of top-ranking competitors
  • Keyword research and search analysis
  • SEO Audit & fixes
  • On-page SEO
  • Product optimization
  • SEO Content development
  • Authority-building
  • Google Analytics installation & configuration
  • Monthly SEO reporting & consulting

Maintaining a successful ecommerce SEO program requires a comprehensive ongoing effort. At SEO Rocket, we’re here to help so you can focus on running your business!


Before we recommend any solutions, we invest time to understand your business and industry. Learning more about your audience, your processes, and your goals allows us to develop your customized digital marketing plan and identify how your SEO will help accomplish your overall objectives.

  1. Your Goals– Our team works with you to define the actionable, measurable digital marketing goals that are important to you.
  2. SEO Audit– We use a variety of industry-leading specialized tools to get a comprehensive technical audit of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Our team identifies and prioritizes the SEO elements and performance issues with your site that most affect your SEO results.
  3. Competitive Analysis– Our competitive digital marketing analysis allows us to compare your business to your top competitors so we can understand your specific competitive landscape and create an effective plan of action for you.
  4. Keyword Research & Search Analysis– Our team uses numerous research tools to analyze and identify the right search terms to target: those that represent the best opportunity to accomplish your goals.
  5. SEO Content– We coordinate with you to produce and promote unique, high-quality content on a routine basis that best serves the interests and needs of your audience. This content also supports your SEO plan by increasing topical relevancy and earning quality backlinks.
  6. On-site Optimization – We apply on-page optimization techniques to your website’s content and code to ensure everything is in-line with SEO best practices.
  1. Marketing Measurables– You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Before we begin your SEO services, we make sure that your site has all relevant reporting tools properly installed, configured, and working to report accurate performance data. Typical reporting tools that we rely on are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Call Tracking (whenever phone call leads are important to your business growth).
  2. Monitoring Results– We routinely audit your site’s SEO health to analyze how well your results align with your goals, identify new opportunities for improvement, and continually watch for anomalies that may indicate issues that require further investigation.
  3. SEO Adjustments– As we gather and analyze your site’s performance data, our team makes SEO adjustments and offers recommendations designed to get the best results from your SEO campaign.
  4. Monthly Reporting – Get monthly reports and analysis from a dedicated SEO expert. Reports include an Executive Summary along with key performance data related to your stated digital marketing goals and recommendations. A quote for customized reporting is available upon request.


We offer SEO Audits as a service to businesses who are looking for ways to improve their SEO results. Our best SEO managers will examine your SEO efforts and offer you the very same advice that we would implement if we were managing your account.

Did You Know?


44% of people start their online shopping journey with a Google search


39% of all traffic to e-commerce sites comes from search


49% of consumers reported they rely on search to inform their purchase decisions


How is ecommerce SEO different?

In addition to the standard SEO items, ecommerce SEO includes product information markup and image optimization.

Which the best is website platform for ecommerce SEO?

In our opinion 2 of the top ecommerce platforms, Shopify & WooCommerce (for WordPress sites) offer the best ecommerce SEO features.

SEO Rocket can optimize your ecommerce store to help customers find your products when they’re looking for them.

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