Proximity Booster

Are you looking for the fastest way to increase your search engine visibility and reach more local customers without having to pay for ad clicks?

If so, then you need to take advantage of our Proximity Booster service. Proximity Booster is the perfect, low-cost SEO solution for local businesses who want to get a leg up on their competition and get found in Google’s local search engine results.

The power of our Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization combined with our Proximity Booster SEO pages is designed to get your business found faster. Our GBP optimization is focused on Google’s Map Pack; getting your local business found when and where it’s most relevant on the map. We make sure you’re ranking where it matters most: where your customers are.

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Our lightning-fast, geo-targeted, Proximity Booster landing pages are designed for both rankings and conversions, making it easy for visitors to find you and be directed to connect with you. Proximity Booster’s patented technology ensures your business is always visible in local search engine results.

Proximity Booster service users noticed significant increases in:

  • Phone Calls
  • Direction Requests
  • Website Referrals
  • Map Views
  • Search Views
  • Brand Searches
  • Category Searches

With Proximity Booster plans that start at $375/month, you can expect to see faster results that make a meaningful difference to your business at less than half the price of traditional local SEO services. Get your business in front of potential customers with our low-cost, results-driven technology. Contact us and get started today!

Did You Know?


The #1 SEO result in Google gets almost 28% of all clicks


Local Search now accounts for 46% of all search


More than 80% of local search is unbranded


How is the Proximity Booster service different from local SEO services?

The main distinction is Proximity Booster uses patented technology combined with your optimized landing pages to boost the search range of your target keywords beyond the hyper-local reach of local SEO pages and deliver top ranking results in a matter of weeks rather than months.

Where will my Proximity Booster landing pages appear?

Your Proximity Booster landing pages appear below Google’s Map Pack results, in the results area designated for web pages.

How far can Proximity Booster extend my local search results?

Depending on the plan you select, your Proximity Booster pages appear to Google searchers starting from within a 6-mile radius up to a 12-mile radius from your business location.