Advanced SEO Audit and Consultation

Discover quick wins for your business with an Advanced SEO Audit and Consultation from SEO Rocket. Our 100+ point SEO audit is a practical way to reveal mission critical, high-priority issues that are sabotaging your visitors’ experience and SEO potential.

We take a thorough approach to every audit and emphasize your highest impact needs and opportunities for the fastest SEO results. As part of our Advanced SEO Audit, our experts will schedule time to consult with you about our findings and recommendations.

Technical SEO Audit Services
SEO Rocket’s Advanced SEO audits are:
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Sample Advanced SEO Audit
You'll get:
Local businesses will also get audits of your:

PLUS a FREE step-by-step Google My Business Optimization Checklist to claim, verify, optimize and manage your Google My Business information.

Only $370*

*If you have more than 1 business location, contact us for a customized Advanced SEO Audit quote.

Having a site that is crawlable, fast, informative, and secure has never been more essential to ensure your site performs well for your customers and ranks well in search engines. If you’d like to improve your search performance right now, start with our Advanced SEO Audit.

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If you aren't ready for a comprehensive SEO audit and consultation, we also offer a free SEO audit report to reveal the scope and significance of any technical SEO issues your website has.

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Did you know?


Won't Return

79% won’t return to a site that has performance issues 



40% of mobile visitors will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load



47% of 250,000 websites sampled had Error 404 (Page not found) issues