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SEO Content Services

SEO content is an integral part of any successful SEO service. Whether we’re working with your content team, or our writers on your behalf, it’s critical to your SEO success to develop the content you need to help your web pages get found.


Google doesn’t rank websites — it ranks web pages. Generally speaking, your page gains authority when other, authoritative and relevant sites value your information enough to link their web pages to your pages.

Web pages with the highest combination of authority and relevant content for a topic tend to rank best for related searches. A steady flow of SEO content is the “rocket fuel” that powers your SEO performance.

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The best SEO content is the type of content that best serves your audience’s needs and interests. At SEO Rocket, we evaluate the types of content found in Google’s search results to see what type of content Google thinks your audience is most interested in finding for a specific search. This typically will be blog posts, articles, helpful tools (e.g. calculators, etc), video, or images.

Your content is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and connect with your audience on their decision-making journey. Separate yourself from your competitors with content that:

  • Offers value to your audience
  • Provides a good user experience
  • Helps readers with their needs
  • Guides them to take action

Grow your content by producing it on a routine basis. This keeps it fresh, relevant, and useful. We work with you to produce SEO content that meets all the right criteria.


Our 6-step process for content writing to support SEO is:

  1. Research– We identify the right keywords and topics that best serve your audience.
  2. Create– Together we’ll collaborate to produce the right content to deliver a positive user experience and encourage action.
  3. Optimize – We apply on-page optimization prior to publishing the content.
  4. Promote– This is the part where you get the word out! Utilize your social media, email newsletters, and any other online resources you may have access to in order to bring attention to your new content.
  5. Measure– We’ll have measurables in place, such as Google Analytics to track and report performance and effectiveness.
  6. Improve– We’ll apply performance insights to increase the effectiveness of the content being produced.

Did You Know?


57% of marketing executives say on-page content development was the most effective SEO tactic.


47% of buyers view 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative.


45% of all companies say content marketing is ‘highly integrated’ with their SEO strategy


What content length is good for SEO?

As a rule-of-thumb long form content, usually 1,000+ words, receives more shares and links. The average content length of the top position Google article contains 2,000+ words. This demonstrates the value of writing content that is in-depth on a subject. That said, producing concise, short form content can be useful to your SEO too. Don’t pad your page with fluff copy just to make it longer.

How does social media support content marketing?

Social media is where your content is seen by your prospects, customers, influencers, etc.

Is video good content for SEO?

Video is valued by Google and your audience which is why many Google search results include video. In addition to gaining exposure on other social media channels, YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine, so there’s a lot of opportunity for delivering visitors to your website with your videos. Additional benefits with video content include increased user engagement, because people tend to prefer watching video, and they also are more likely to share links to video content. Keep in mind if your visitors are more likely to engage with your content, they are also more likely to take action – which generates more leads and sales!

Adding SEO content helps your site visitors while building both relevance and authority for your website.

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