Preserving SEO Rankings When Updating Your Website

As a business owner, you know that ensuring a high search engine ranking for your company’s website is essential to attract new clients, improve brand recognition, and succeed in your industry. You’ve probably implemented various SEO techniques to improve your site’s visibility and traffic. The constant evolution of the internet and the online marketplace makes it vital to continually look for ways to improve and upgrade your website. However, it can be easy to accidentally undo all your SEO work by updating your site without proper planning. SEO Preservation can ensure you maintain, and even improve, your SEO when you update your site.
SEO Preservation Services

What Is SEO Preservation?

The term “SEO Preservation” can refer to a variety of different actions and strategies designed to maintain a site’s search engine ranking during and after a redesign or upgrade. Because so many SEO strategies rely on behind-the-scenes management of the internal structure of a website, changing your site’s infrastructure can wreak havoc on your SEO if comprehensive preparations aren’t made. Updating a website often results in a wide variety of changes that can have a dramatic negative effect on a site’s SEO:

SEO Preservation can ensure changes to your website don’t hurt your search ranking. A good strategy can even leverage aspects of the new site to increase visibility and traffic. Some common aspects of SEO Preservation may include auditing your existing site, crawling your new test site, and analyzing the data to determine how different elements are affecting the SEO.

Why Do You Need SEO Preservation?

Effective SEO isn’t a one-time project. Ensuring your site performs well on an ongoing basis requires techniques that constantly adapt to meet changing search engine algorithms and online market conditions.


Updating your site consistently can ensure your content remains interesting and engaging, which in and of itself can be an effective SEO strategy. When you’re ready to make changes to your site, it’s essential to understand what you need to do to retain your SEO strength.

What Are the Main Aspects of an SEO Preservation Campaign?

SEO Preservation can be an extremely complex process requiring data collection, analysis, and a deep understanding of your site’s infrastructure and existing SEO techniques. By necessity, the exact steps of SEO Preservation will be unique to your website. However, there are three overarching elements:

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Each of these concepts may incorporate several steps during practical application. Some common tasks include the following:

When Should You Consider SEO Preservation?

The best time to implement an SEO preservation plan is before you make significant changes to your site. While it is usually possible to go back and fix unintentional SEO problems that occur during a site update, this process can be time-consuming and frustrating. As soon as you decide to make some changes or improvements to your website, the next step should be creating a plan to preserve your SEO.

Protecting Your SEO and Creating New Opportunities

It’s essential to keep your company’s website up to date; regular upgrades increase brand cohesion and ensure visitors see fresh content. When you’re ready to redesign your site, you can protect search engine rankings by developing and following an SEO Preservation plan.

Effective SEO Preservation can be a complex and time-consuming process, so it’s a great candidate for outsourcing. Professional SEO managers can ensure your search ranking status withstands changes to your website. With an expert managing the SEO, you can feel confident that your site will continue to perform well after every update.  If you are looking to update your site soon, contact us and let us show you how we can help preserve your web presence.