Social Sharing

Social Sharing with RocketReviews makes it easy to turn 1st- or 3rd-party review into social media content to post to Facebook, Google Posts, Twitter, and Instagram. Select a review and use the image generator to create custom graphics to share directly or download.

Create and Share Social Image

To create and share a social image from an existing 1st- or 3rd-party review, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your RocketReviews account.
  2. In Customer Activity, select a review to use by clicking Manage > Social https://reviews.reviewability.comPost.
Select a review, go to Manage > Social Post to create an image in Social Sharing

3. In Social Sharing, use the image generator to create a custom graphic. Select a design theme, change text size, preview your image in various sizes, and edit the social content.

social sharing image generator

4. You can customize up to 5 design themes for your account. Click Customize under the image preview to select a background color, upload a background image, add an image overlay, and select a text color for each theme. Click Save Themes when finished.

social sharing customize theme

5. When you are satisfied with the design of your image, click Download graphic for each size you wish to download.


6. You can also share directly to Google Posts and Facebook. Be sure to edit the social content that will accompany the image as desired. Then, select the site(s) from Social Channels and click Publish Social.

social sharing 3

If a social channel is not available to select, complete or edit Authorization Settings to enable.

You will need to authorize Facebook and/or Google My Business in order to post to those sites.

If you have already authorized Facebook, to edit settings go the User Menu in the upper right corner in RocketReviews and select Authorization Settings. Then select Log in With Facebook and Edit Settings to include Publish as Page you manage.

Social Sharing Settings

Manage account authorizations and the brand image for 1st-party feedback (Coming Soon) via Social Sharing settings.

Go to Publish > Social Sharing or click the Settings button in Social Sharing to access settings.



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