RocketReviews Testimonial Widget

Our RocketReviews testimonial widget makes displaying powerful customer testimonials on your website easy. However, you don’t need a website for your business to benefit from RocketReviews.

wordpress active testimonial widget

Just copy and paste the widget code into any page or section of your website and you have fresh, relevant and valuable content from your customers displayed on your website. We recommend installing it on a Testimonials webpage for your business location.

  • Display Positive Testimonials – Easily display powerful testimonials that can be manually or automatically approved for display on your website.
  • Simple to Install – Works with nearly any website. Copy and paste a few lines of code and your widget is up and running. It’s mobile-friendly and has display options.
  • Fresh Content That Stands Out – We’ve made adding fresh content to your website easy. Best of all your testimonials are automatically coded with SEO-friendly schema to help search engines differentiate your testimonials from the regular text; this ensures you get credit for your best reviews
  • Now you can include customer reviews from the 3rd party review sites that you’re monitoring along with your RocketReviews customer testimonials being displayed on your site.
  • RocketReviews Testimonials Badge – Our easy to install Testimonials Badge is designed to display your average customer star rating and amount of customer feedback received via RocketReviews as well as make it convenient to invite your site visitors to view your testimonials page.

RocketReviews Helps Grow Your Business

RocketReviews, our feedback-first customer review management system, makes it easy to gather and promote customer feedback. Schedule a demo to see how easy it is to build your brand and grow your business.

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